Sunday, March 20, 2011


Now I'm sure you're thinking this is going to be a big diatribe on why I am so awesome and how you are a big, lazy slice of nothing. Nope. Not so. On the contrary, I love being lazy. Sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of nachos is to me a small taste of what heaven must be like. I used to hate myself for feeling that way because I knew somehow that it was "wrong". I should WANT to workout. I would then force myself to get off my ass and workout. Then I would turn around and tell people how wrong they were for doing exactly what I wished I were doing instead of toiling away in some sweaty, smelly gym somewhere like me. Then, you get a little older like me, and hopefully a little wiser.

I came to understand a few things about human nature. Well, many things actually. But a big thing is that we humans have elevated ourselves to an almost demigod-like status when in reality we are no different than our hunter/gatherer ancestors. We share the same DNA and our behavior patterns at the core have always remained constant. Without going into all of the parallels I will stick to the topic at hand.

Laziness is a reward. A sweet, sweet reward that was rarely bestowed on our "savage" ancestors. Their world was a tough one. An "only the strong survive" kind of place that most of our society wouldn't last ten minutes. Believe me, if Grok had a Lazy Boy recliner in his cave it would have been used plenty if it weren't for the constant need of having to bust ass to put food in he and his tribes' mouths. There really wasn't enough time to sit around and get fat. Try to imagine our world with no convenience stores or farmer's markets to bring you food. You would have to go out and get it yourselves. Do you think you'd have time to sit on your couch picking your nose for a few hours? Chances are, no.

So in summation, don't beat yourself up if you feel like being lazy. Everyone does. I do. It is hardwired into us to create a small state of euphoria. It's perfectly natural. What we must try and do is to tap into that primal instinct. To live life everyday like it's battle and not be sedentary until we know that our work(out) is done.

Hope that makes some sense. This is my first attempt at blogging. I've got tons of nutty thoughts like this floating around in my head and I plan on jotting them down here for your amusement and/or displeasure.

Thanks for listening,


  1. Wasn't gonna go the gym today until I read this and watched your Tough Mudder Training Vid. Great post man! Now if I could only grow a mustache....

  2. Your spot on about telling people to get of there ass when you yourself would like to be doing what they are, i've accepted that people are like that and have used my addictive personality for good instead of evil to the point where exercise is almost like a drug that i need to have, that feeling you get after an awesome workout cant be described, a sense of achievement, pride and the endorphin fix helps too,

    great site you have here Andy.