Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comments on my Men's Health interview...

First off, if you missed the interview I did, here it is...

Overall I am extremely pleased with the piece. I have been interviewed several times before about my career in animation and the martial arts and there are times I've been misquoted and things have been taken out of context. After reading this it was obvious to me that the interviewer had recorded our conversation and printed them word for word. I appreciate that.

First thing I want to address... I like "Sienfeld"! I really do. I think it's a funny show and I may think it's in one of my top ten shows of all time. Also, I don't hate TV. How could I? My job for the last 15 years has been working on television cartoons. BUT, I don't think I have to go into the whole "wasting your life in front of the TV" spiel. I'm sure you all get it. TV can suck you in boy. I once heard a comedian do a bit about walking in on his girlfriend one night and he asked her what she did all day. She said there was a 6 hour marathon of "Cupcake Wars" on. And then a slow realization of watching six hours of a show about fucking cupcakes crossed her face.

Secondly, I KNOW whey protein is made from milk, but it's NOT milk is it? It's a powder. Not even recognizable to me as milk. I think milk has to go through some heavy ass processing to look like that. They could say "Oh, well we do that to extract all the important nutrients". Well maybe those nutrients don't want to be extracted. Look, I'm no treehugger but in my old age I'm starting to trust nature in certain ways and mistrust mankind in more ways. I don't think nature is trying to play a cute little game of "hide the nutrients" from us. I mean, how have we survived all these years without ingesting all these hidden nutrients? And now, is my life that much better that I am ingesting these newly extracted gems? I don't think so. If I want vitamin C I'll eat an orange and not drink a gallon of Sunny D or pop a 500mg pill. I have a lot more to say on this but I'll save it for another time.

Lastly, I don't hate wearing a mustache. That last line about Curly made it seem like I do. I have the good fortune (or horrible curse) of being able to grow hair quickly. I'm not a white collar guy so I shave once a week if that. If I feel like shaving I will, if not I won't. I don't want to feel pressure to have to look a certain way, that's all. I have this weird personality disorder that when I feel like I'm forced to do something one way I'll flip my middle finger and do it the opposite way out of spite. Guess I'm just a rebel.

That's all, thanks for listening.


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