Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tough Mudder: Kuwait?

I get emails everyday. Many of them are touching and inspirational. I would love to share them all with you but that's just not realistic. Every now and then I receive a message from a man or woman serving in our military. I wanted you to see this particular email to remind you about the incredible depth of character of the men and women in our armed forces.

Mustache Man,

My name is SSG Hardebeck and I am serving with the 1st Cavalry Division as a combat engineer. We just finished our tour in Iraq in December and are currently in Kuwait training to do what we do. We recently held a Tough Mudder Kuwaiti style here in the middle of the desert and feel we need to thank you for you motivation. We found your video and it motivates us! We watch it daily and remind ourselves to Keep on Doin!

You see we recently signed up a team, "Breach Naked" for the Austin TM and have been psyched about it. We are Sappers and as Sappers we are a proud bunch, we are combat engineers that clear obstacles with explosives or whatever means to allow our infantry to get where they need to go. Sappers cleared the obstacles on Normandy, cleared tunnels and mine fields in Vietnam and as for the guys and I we clear roadside bombs or IED's off the sides of the road. It is only fitting that we transition to Mudders as overcoming obstacles is our profession.

Breach Naked: It was once determined that to properly clear a mine field you must remove all metallic objects from your body to ensure you did not trigger any magnetic fuses, it was then determined that loose clothing could get caught in trip wire and set the mines off. The Sappers decided that the best way to breach a mine field was to Breach Naked. We will keep this term and the Sapper attitude of Can and Will do going for as long as there are Sappers clearing obstacles.

Once again I want to thank you for the Motivation!!!!

SSG Hardebeck
C co 1 BSTB


  1. Andy thank you for your support! Breach Naked!

  2. So i just recently found out about Mustache man training. It really got me excited to start working out when i finally finish training and have the freedom to do so. turns out one of my friends had the same idea and invited me to partake in my first tough mudder. Im in the military and i would like to say thank you because hopefully this will be a more enjoyable way of keeping and exceeding the standard.